The Humanities have been the foundation of higher education since the creation of the modern ‘university’ over 500 years ago. In the Humanities we study the various works and objects human beings create or invent – this includes everything from literature to government, from philosophy to technology, and from religion to art. In short, the Humanities are the study of anything we humans create to help us explain, understand, and come to terms with the huge enigma that is life. The study of the Humanities helps achieve the most important goals of any liberal arts education: a greater knowledge of where we’ve come from, an informed understanding of why our world is the way it is today, and the insight into where we can go in the future. A degree in the Humanities, or any one of the humanistic disciplines, not only enriches your personal life as an individual, it also prepares you to play your role as an informed and active citizen.


ARH classes offered at SCF are designed to help students learn and explore the world of objects made by human hands throughout history. Classes provide a framework for understanding how art reflects diverse global cultures and civilizations.


These programs expose students to general studies in both disciplines, providing the foundation for majors and general knowledge of religion and philosophies for those who seek to broaden their intellectual horizons.


The variety of HUM courses offered at SFC provide students with the opportunity to explore major themes and time periods in the development of human culture and human civilization through an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach.​


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