Welcome to the State College of Florida’s Department of  Art, Design & Humanities...  where you can earn a degree using flexible scheduling options, integrated course work and affordable tuition. We take pride in creating a state-of-the-art learning environment for all disciplines. Our faculty and staff stay current in trends and technology and our students are well equipped for a successful career after graduation. Some of our graduates have gone on to be art directors and designers, filmmakers, professional photographers as well as be admitted to prestigious art schools. We offer a variety of courses, program focus, degrees and certificates. To learn more about each department, the degrees offered and available courses, please click on any of the department links listed below.


Studio Art at SCF is where a foundation in the arts expands to include contemporary techniques and technology within the disciplines of Drawing, Digital Illustration, Painting, Ceramics and Sculpture.


Photography begins in the darkroom and develops into a Digital Photography degree that offers foundation to advanced skills and the opportunity for students to tailor their courses of study to their strengths.


SCF’s Graphic Design program provides students with the technical and design skills to thrive in the demanding field of visual communication.


Explore the history and contemporary applications of film production. Gain proficiencies that contribute to success in the world of digital communication.


The Humanities at SCF provide the foundation for any complete liberal arts education and include courses in the study of the visual arts, literary arts, history, mythology/religion, philosophy, and ethics.


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